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Free TON Weekly Meetup #28. Sub-Governances update

by lerika

Today, November 10, the twenty-eighth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Ron Millow, Anastasia Volkova, Mitya Goroshesky, Ivan Kotelnikov and Roman D.


On the agenda were the news of the Sub Governances. The first in line was Wiki Sub Governance. To date, the Free TON Wiki team of over 20 copywriters and translators has written over 600 articles in 17 languages. Over the past month, this subgovernance has come a long way in its development.


Then Ekaterina, a representative of SMM Sub Governance, took the word. Over the past month, representatives of this Sub Governance have published more than 90 blog articles, released four podcasts. Also, within the SMM Sub Governance, a competition was held to create content about the project with a prize pool of 120,000 tokens.


The next in line was eSports Sub Governance and its representative Ivan Kotelnikov. This Sub Governance has held several online tournaments. Prize tokens totaling almost 70,000 crystals were sent to the winners. Over 1000 players took part in these tournaments. The tournaments were organized in such a way that there were no losers. Each participant received at least 1 token.


The DeFi Sub Governance spokesman spoke next. He reported that their team has developed several bridges between the Free TON blockchain and other blockchains such as Ethereum and Polkadot. There was also a competition for the best design of these bridges.


Nikita Monakhov presented DGO Sub Governance. He said that the jury competition for DGO Sub Governance did not take place due to the low number of applications. This competition will be restarted.


Analytics and Support Sub Governance was presented by Roman D. This Sub Governance will deal with statistics, metrics and other indicators of potential and current project partners, as well as analyze the results of tenders.

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