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Free TON distributes $19 mln to its partners and contests’ winners

by lerika

On October 9, the Free TON decentralized blockchain project community based on the Telegram Open Network protocol sent 19.6 million TON Crystals to contest participants and network partners.

The tokens were received by 50 recipients, including ambassadors of the project from different countries and the creators of cases for using TON Crystals on various platforms.

According to Alexander Filatov, CEO of TON Labs, one of the key features of the Free TON business model is the distribution of 85% of the total token emission to partners who enrich the blockchain ecosystem with relevant content and engaged users.

“Among them, there are projects with a fairly large user base, for example, WorldChess, which numbers over 150 million professional players and chess amateurs. The project is currently working on integrating the Free TON blockchain as a backend for recording game results and compiling transparent ratings. I think this is the most ambitious blockchain use case in history, ”

Filatov said.

Free TON partners include a team of game developers QAN, who decided to completely transfer their tokenomics to work with TON, a large Telegram bot Combot, an advertising platform AdGram and others.

According to Filatov, partners are beginning to perceive TON Crystals as the equivalent of the money that can be spent on development or used in an internal loyalty program.

The average price of TON Crystals on OTC and p2p platforms is 40-50 cents, so the approximate value of the prize tokens reaches almost $ 10 million.

Potentially, we are talking about attracting 200-300 million new users to the Free TON ecosystem, added Dmitry Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs.

“I think the unique decentralized governance system that we are developing is starting to realize its potential,”

he said in a comment.

As a reminder, in June the Free TON team launched The Crystal Game contest, in which they invited the validators to compete for the title of Master of the Game.

Part of the prize fund has already been paid, and the gradual addition of validators to the main network continues.

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