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Free TON DeFi SG Multisig Wallet Deployment Ceremony

by lerika

Today, September 15, the official multisig wallet for DeFi SubGovernance was created and sent to the network. All the action took place online and anyone could watch the process. Screenshot 1 shows that launching the wallet through ton-cli was successful.

In order to deploy the wallet, it was necessary to receive five signatures. As soon as the transaction went online, the first signature was received. Screenshot number 2 shows an intermediate step, received 3 of 5 signatures.

Then the team faced minor technical difficulties, but after ten minutes, all 5 signatures were delivered and the countdown of the history of DeFi SubGovernance in the Free TON project began! 🙂

Immediately after that, representatives of DeFi SubGovernance planned an online conference for the project community, where they will answer questions from viewers and talk about their nearest plans, competitions and innovations.
If you want to see this important moment in the history of the Free TON project, we recommend watching the video having clicked the end of this article. For some time, due to technical problems, there is no picture, but the ceremony participants describe everything that happens on their monitors.


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