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Free TON Weekly Meetup #17. New jury and updates

by lerika

Today, August 25, the seventeenth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Vladislav Ponomarev, Roman D., Alexander Filatov, Mitya Goroshevsky, and Ron Millow.

At the start of the meetup, Ron Millow said that following the results of the Jury 1.1 competition, a new jury was formed. In the coming days, a new smart contract for voting will be launched and the jury will be able to start working.
Further, colleagues discussed 5 upcoming competitions for the development of the Free TON corporate identity, an ambassador competition, and a competition called the slashing contest.
Proposed on the creation of TON Wiki sub governance passed the vote with a positive result.

Then the colleagues discussed the DePool and Developer contests. This competition was postponed for a week due to errors in smart contracts, but at the moment they are operational and are undergoing formal verification.

Mitya Goroshevsky also noted that all applications for participation in the slashing contest that have been received to date are of very high quality. He also added that it will not be easy for the new jury to choose the winners of this competition.

The full version of the meetup:

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