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New proposals were accepted on the forum

by lerika

🚀 New proposals were accepted by the on-chain Governance voting 📄

💎Contest: Free TON Brand Masters — Program Development — The Brand Masters program will provide an opportunity to popularize Free TON,covering many language groups across the global crypto community. The main task is to develop the model of the project’s promotion both globally and locally (in different countries and languages). The contestants will have to send their vision of how people around the world will be learning about Free TON, its ideas and philosophy. Another task is to figure out how the will the  local communities be united with the global one.

💎DePools Validators Contest — Winners of Validators Contest will be provided with Stakes which will be locked into DePools on the main net. The current Contest is to enable testing, building tools and debug of the DePool infrastructure before the Main Net prizes distribution.

We also want to remind you that other contests will end soon. We recommend you hurry up and send your applications😉

Stay tuned for more updates!

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