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Governance 2.0 Presentation

by lerika

Governance 2.0 was presented today, 21 August.
Representatives of the RSquad and TON.Labs teams worked together to create Governance 2.0.
Governance 2.0. is a social project management tool that includes a specific set of algorithms and protocols and a technology platform for decentralized self-government. The developers position Governance 2.0 as the main driving force for the development of the community because it is the Free TON community that makes the main decisions regarding the further development of the project.
Tools for collective decision-making by voting (plebiscite) were introduced into the Free TON forum.

Key Features of Governance 2.0:
Simplicity and ease of use. The voting system is very simple and understandable to everyone. The laconic design aims to attract new users.
Self-organization. All decisions are made either by a majority of the community members or by a majority of the competent jury.
Automation. Administrative and user processes are automated at all levels: in competitions and during voting.
The quality of the entries. Governance 2.0 aims to attract the maximum number of users to participate in competitions. This increases the motivation to do the job even better.
Asynchronous processes and high speed of work. It takes less than a minute to create a contest.
Quality management. High-quality tracking of the work of all the main elements of the system: posts, tags, groups, voting, and others. The management solves the problems of choosing the jury members and monitors the quality of their work.

After describing the basic principles, an RSquad representative demonstrated the new platform in real-time. You can watch all the new developments of programmers in the video:

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