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Free TON Weekly Meetup #16. Decentralized Governance 2.0 presentation

by lerika

Today, August 18, the sixteenth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Mitya Goroshevsky, Pavel Prigolovko, Mikhail Shapkin, Ivan Khokhlov, Roman D., Ivan Kotelnikov and Ron Millow.

The conference began with the announcement of the confirmation of the new members of the jury. This is great news because the contestants will now receive more votes and therefore more feedback on their work.

After that, Mitya Goroshevsky spoke about Governance 2.0 and that he invites the community to start promoting Governance 2.0, since the TON.Labs team is currently working very hard on this project and is not able to simultaneously promote it. Mitya also suggested holding a separate stream – the presentation of Governance 2.0 at 18:00 on Friday, because it will take a lot of time within the framework of the weekly meetup. He briefly described the main functions: a mechanism for voting for proposals and evaluating bids.

Then the participants of the meetup answered the most interesting questions.

Q: Will there be a Jury Selection 1.2 competition?
Answer: Recently new members of the jury have been approved. In order to understand how many new jury members a project needs, it is necessary to see the current staff at work and evaluate their productivity. Undoubtedly, the jury will expand, stay tuned.

Question: The old jury has shown itself to be ineffective. Are there any sanctions for the poor quality work of the jury members?
Answer: Some of the jury members proved to be excellent. This is a human factor, everyone cannot be equally good. The first jury was formed as follows: each of the 23 first validators nominated one person. Not all of them were effective, we will select new members of the jury.

Question: Will there be an airdrop of tokens for community members?
Answer: Yes, it will definitely be carried out as soon as the project reaches full decentralization.

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