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The 0.25.0 SDK release is out!

by lerika

What’s new?
1. We improved the transaction waiting mechanism. Before, SDK subscribed for all account transactions. Now SDK sequentially reads all the account’s shard blocks.
2. New waitForDeployTransaction`/`waitForRunTransaction methods and messageProcessingState structure were added. They allow tracking message delivery.
3. JS Client now resolves half-open connection issues. If you switch your internet to mobile or restart your router — SDK will continue working.
Check the full list of release notes and documentation updates:

  • [improved] sendMessage now returns the messageProcessingState – structure that includes the last shard block that was created before the message was sent. Specify this block in the new waitForDeployTransaction/waitForRunTransaction methods and wait for the transaction starting from it.
  • [new] waitForDeployTransaction/waitForRunTransaction methods. Wait for the transaction of a previously sent message using the new mechanism of sequential shard block reading. In case of network problems (e.g. if some shard start lagging) returns the updated message processing state with the last checked block. Use it to resume waiting later.
  • [improved] processMessage now takes new infiniteWait parameter – it allows to infinitely wait for the transaction even if there are some network problems (like shard lags). If set to false – also returns updated messageProcessingState in case of network problems

See the latest SDK versions 👉 here.

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