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Free TON Weekly Meetup #11. Finalized contests

by lerika

Today, July 14, the eleventh weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Mitya Goroshevsky, Konstantinas Sotiropoulos Roman D., Sergey Prilutsky, Ivan Kotelnikov and Ron Millow.


On the agenda were the results of the first six competitions in the history of the project, upcoming competitions, as well as answers to questions from the audience.

With a significant delay, but still, the results of the first six competitions were summed up. On behalf of the entire Free TON community, Ron Millow apologized to all contestants for the delay. All results are published on the forum. The total prize fund for all winners exceeded 1.3 million tokens.

The jury’s work system will be revised shortly. It is necessary to give users the opportunity to see the assessment of the application for participation from each member of the jury, and not only the average score based on the results of voting by the entire jury. Moreover, each member of the jury will be obliged to write a review of each application and motivate his assessment. The volume of tokens allocated for the jury’s remuneration will also be changed. It will make up 5% of the total prize fund of the competition.

In the near future, the Governance 1.1 release will be released, where all the functions described above will be implemented.

The distribution of tokens to the winners will be carried out shortly, as the team faced a number of difficulties in this process.

As for the launch of new contests, with the launch of a new interface for contests on the forum, new contests will be added there, one of which will be a competition for the selection of jury members, as well as several diverse contests for developers.


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