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Governance 1.1 update is here!

by lerika

We have great news!
The long-awaited updates to the 1.1 management system have just become a reality!

We are glad to inform you that the platform has been updated. With this update, the community will be better informed and will receive feedback from the jury on the results of the competition.
Voting for new contests will take place in an updated interface, and the process should be DIRECTED smoother next time.

New features:
– Now you can see the time of adding materials;
– It will be even easier and more convenient to observe the voting process and its results;
– Overall score, GPA, and more are now active features;
– You will see how many votes each application for participation in the competition received;
– You will see how many members of the jury have voted;
– The jury’s feedback on each application has become mandatory for the distribution of the jury’s awards.

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