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Free TON Weekly Meetup #8. Contest progress discussion

by lerika

Today, June 23, the eighth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives took place. It was attended by Mitya Goroshevsky, Pavel Prigolovko, Roman D., Ron Millow.

At the very beginning of the conference, Mitya Goroshevsky told everyone that the mainnet of the Free TON network went out of order 2 days ago and at the moment does not create new blocks. The reason for this was the change of validators. If the mainnet failed, no data was lost, there is an up-to-date backup of the database and files. The entire development team of TON.Labs is currently working on restoring the network and returning it to working mode. The trigger for the network outage was the fact that some validators used program code from the wrong repository to update their nodes. Thus, the network began to generate two types of blocks in parallel, which, at a certain point, caused a failure.

Then the colleagues moved on to discussing the competition for choosing the composition of the jury (JURY SELECTION 1.1). Pavel Prigolovko said that as soon as the network restores its work, the results of the competition will be published and available to everyone. During the competition, the team faced some problems. There were problems with the interface for submitting applications for participation, due to which the terms of the competition were extended. Pavel noted that extending the deadline for accepting applications for the competition is the worst thing that can be done, because such actions cause a negative reaction from those participants who managed to apply for participation before the first deadline.


The full video you’ll find on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0BRqs-tJ1s

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