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New proposals were accepted by the on-chain Governance voting

by lerika

More proposals were accepted during the voting on-chain Governance
💎 Reward Distribution Contest: Telegram/TON Contests Winners — This proposal sets forth the mechanics for reward distributions to former Telegram TON contest winners in the amounts reserved upon the launch of Free TON.
💎 Validator Contest Proposal: The Crystal Game (Magister Ludi) — The Crystal Game will ask validators to compete for invalidation cycles recurrently in order to win the title of Magister Ludi. With each new cycle, new winners will be announced.
💎 Deadline extension proposal: Idea Management System Proposal — While 15 winners level is defined for this contest but only 10 proposals have submitted. Suggestion for one another week time extensions.
The previous contestants can also enrich their ideas and submit the new version of their proposals.
💎 Contest Proposal: Decentralized Support Contest Part II — Latest Supporters — Free TON Telegram chat groups and the online forum have received a lot of help from talented individuals who have supported group discussions (“Supporters”). This contest is for you.
💎 Proposal: Airdrop Mechanics — Contest Rewards Amendment — Rewards update.
📍We want to take your attention to the fact that voting on the previous contests can take up to two weeks. Now the jury should get acquainted with all the works of participants and evaluate their work.

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