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Free TON in Russian. Q&A 03.06.20

by lerika

Today, June 3, 2020, representatives of the Free TON project held a live broadcast in the Q&A format.
During the broadcast, the participants received many questions, here are the most interesting questions and answers from this live broadcast:

Question: When is it planned to open the general access to TON Crystal?
Answer: At the moment, the tokens of the Free TON network can already be transferred between wallets, despite the fact that the network has not yet switched to the mainnet. The release of the token on the exchanges will be possible only after switching to the main mode. Also, the distribution of tokens takes place by rewarding the winners of the contests.
At the moment, it is necessary to finish writing technically complex smart contracts to create full decentralization in the Free TON network.

Question: When will the DevOps submissions end and the voting will start?
Answer: Due to technical difficulties, the deadline for accepting applications must be extended by several days.

Question: Will the operation with TON Crystal tokens be legal?
Answer: In any jurisdiction, transactions with cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems are not illegal. Once absolute decentralization is achieved, no government regulators will be able to impose any restrictions on TON Crystal token transactions.

Question: How people without technical knowledge can get TON Crystal
Answer: To do this, you need to participate in contests of the Free TON network, various types of contests are created for community members so that everyone can apply for tokens, and not just technical specialists.

The original video in Russian can be found here: https://ton-news.com/2020/06/03/vopros-otvet-o-proekte-free-ton-ot-03-06-20/

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