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Free TON Weekly Meetup #5. Validators and Roadmap.

by lerika

Today, June 2, the fifth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives was held. It was attended by Alexander Filatov, Boris Ivanovsky, Mitya Goroshevsky, Nikita Monakhov, Brandon Dillan, and Ron Millow.

At the very beginning of the meetup, Mitya Goroshevsky demonstrated how the jury will vote during the contests. The Ton.Labs development team has created a laconic interface for the contests page. Under the name of each competition, there is a toolbar where each user can see the smart contract of this competition, all applications from participants, add an application for participation, and also discuss the competition itself, applications, and voting results with other community members.

The selection of the jury at the initial stage of the development of the project will be carried out as follows: each validator will be able to nominate one member of the jury. The public key of this person’s wallet must be placed on the site. It is important that the participant of the competition cannot be on the jury of this competition. Thus, the winners of the contests may subsequently be included in the jury of the contests.

Then the participants of the meetup moved on to discussing the validator contest (the contest page is here). The competition will last 5 weeks, each week divided into 9 rounds. A leaderboard will be created in the ton.live network and everyone will be able to follow the progress of the competition in real-time.

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