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Weekly Free TON meetup #4. New Contest Proposals

by lerika

Today, May 26, 2020, the fourth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives was held. It was attended by Alexander Filatov, Mitya Goroshetsky, Brendan Dillon, Brian Crane, Ron Millow and Vladislav Ponomarev and others.

On the agenda was a discussion of the structure of the competitions. Mitya Goroshetsky noted that that part of the complex structure of competitions in the Free TON network, which is responsible for submitting an application for participation in the competition, is already functioning. At the moment, the TON.Labs team is working on perfecting the jury voting mechanism.

Then the participants of the meetup moved on to the consideration of proposes for holding new contests.

Decentralized Support. First on the list was an offer to support people who help shape and develop the Free TON community. We are talking about moderators of groups on social networks and messengers.

After that, was discussed proposal about having a competition for the best promotion of the Free TON brand – Decentralized Promotion. Contestants must submit an application, which will detail all the efforts made by each of them to popularize the project, as well as the results achieved.

At the end of the meetup, a proposal for cooperation from the AdGram team was considered (the first and only platform for effective marketing in Telegram, which is an active and important part of the Telegram & TON ecosystem in terms of the advertising market.)


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