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Free TON in Russian. Q&A 21.05.2020

by lerika

Today, May 21, 2020, representatives of the Free TON project had a live stream  Zoom call, during which they answered questions from viewers, and also talked about the features of the project and how the entire Free TON system will function.

Mitya Goroshevsky recalled that the project’s forum (https://forum.freeton.org/) was successfully launched. It is a very lively resource with a lot of active branches.
He also added that a lot of proposals for partnership from other projects come to the forum.

In the near future, a mechanism for placing proposals on the forum will be implemented, and then each holder of the Free TON network tokens will be able to submit proposals for an open vote. In turn, voting will take place on the Free TON blockchain, so it will be absolutely fair and transparent.

As the number of contests grows, and, accordingly, the holders of Free TON tokens, the number of people who will be able to place proposals will grow every day, forming a unique Free TON community.

Then the project representatives moved on to discussing the creation of local forum threads in different languages. Mitya Goroshevsky first opposed this idea, because, in his opinion, when a community speaks one language (in this case, English), it develops at the same speed and in one direction.

However, the colleagues did not support this view, stating that some community members do not speak English. Certain contest ideas and partnership proposals will be described in the local forum threads, and then translated into English and put up for general voting in the main thread of the Free TON forum.


The original video of the call you could find here:


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