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Free TON launches a test network

by lerika

The work of the test network as one of the stages will ensure the smooth deployment of the Free TON platform, the development of the necessary software, the development of the distribution of rewards, and increased security within the community. The main task of the Free TON test network is to test the operation of a cryptocurrency using the example of a conditional token that has no actual value. This token was Ruby, a zero-value coin created exclusively for testing the network.

You can take part in testing right now. To receive Rubin tokens, you need to register, link a wallet and apply. During registration, potential testnet participants agree that: net.ton.dev is a gaming testnet and is intended solely for development and testing purposes. The site’s ruby ​​tokens are useless and you cannot try to buy or sell them to anyone. The test network may be restarted, damaged, or crashed. Also, if the developers deem it necessary, the network can be stopped at any time without warning. The Free TON testnet is a testing ground for studying the development environment of the mainnet. By its structure, it is a network of payment channels for the native cryptocurrency. The test mode is intended, among other things, to help in scaling operations for the transfer of coins. You can work with the coins accrued after registration within the test network. For example, take part in the formation of blocks within the framework of the Proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, since the probability of creating a block in PoS depends on the number of coins in the user’s wallet. Such testing allows users to detect errors and vulnerabilities painlessly. At the same time, developers can freely experiment with applications without financial loss and threat to the security system of the real network. A number of safety improvements are planned during the operation of the playground. Experiments will be carried out with exponential load growth as the number of transactions increases. The developers urge users to join testing to identify possible bugs. Developing the underlying infrastructure and ecosystem of the testnet will help improve the Free TON multi-blockchain platform.

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Web: https://freeton.org

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